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Jack Rugan's

Unrealistic Romantic View of Love & Life

A little bit about Jack Rugan's 32nd album of uniquely original music.

Let's face it, the world has changed since early this year. And what's the best way to counter all the heaviness, uneasiness, uncertainty, and cloudiness? How about an entire album of upbeat 60's and 70's influenced sunshine pop?!

Ultra-prolific Cleveland area songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Jack Rugan has forever been a fan of the genre owned by the likes of The Association, Spanky & Our Gang, Mama's & the Papa's, as well as all those wonderful AM Radio pop hits of the early 70's. All of those influences come through loud and clear on this 14-track new album! Guests include Carrie King on "Happily Ever After", "Let's Get Together", "When The Sun Is Out", and "About You, About Me", Paula Claire on "Beautiful Crazy Unconditional Love", and Mike Pella on "About You, About Me". 

The new album is the 4th release of new music from Jack in the past 16 months! May of 2019 saw the release of "Wurlitzer", followed by a new album from his band Saul Glennon in November titled, "North On Broadway", and finally a 20th anniversary redux of his 1999 holiday album, "Pine Needles" in December of last year.

"Jack Rugan's Unrealistic Romantic View of Love & Life" will be available on all digital media outlets/streaming services within the next week. Special Edition limited run CD's will also be available later in September.

Enjoy listening and enjoy the sunshine!

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Purchase the new album on CD!

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Special Limited Edition Hardcover Lyric Book & CD Combo!

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